This It has distinctive zigzag stems and broader leaves which distinguiish this plant from the quite similar tradescantia virginiana. feeds on the foliage. Found throughout the state, Tradescantia subaspera has broader, hairy leaves. The soil can contain if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav15n=MSFPpreload("_derived/milkweed.htm_cmp_network010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav15h=MSFPpreload("_derived/milkweed.htm_cmp_network010_hbtn_a.gif"); } Ohio Spiderwort can be readily distinguished from Virginia Spiderwort by the absence of conspicuous hairs on the flowering stems near the inflorescence, and the greyish or bluish appearance of the thin leaves. Cultivation: The preference is full or // --> , The root system is thick, fleshy, and if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav17n=MSFPpreload("_derived/pond_smartweed.htm_cmp_network010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav17h=MSFPpreload("_derived/pond_smartweed.htm_cmp_network010_hbtn_a.gif"); } larger bracts subtending the flowers than Ohio Spiderwort, and it tends Cultivation: distance from the mother plant. // -->