Large rocks crumbled from the Sumner/Port Hills and another 70+ buildings were damaged in the Christchurch CBD. (2015). [137][150], The Royal New Zealand Air Force provided an air bridge between Christchurch and Wellington using two Boeing 757 and three C-130 Hercules, and bringing in emergency crews and equipment and evacuating North Island residents and tourists out of Christchurch. [160] Power had been restored to 82% of households within five days,[161] and to 95% within two weeks. One elderly man has died as a result of this earthquake. [243], Commercial properties are not insured by the EQC, but by private insurance companies. [47] Road surfaces were forced up by liquefaction, and water and sand were spewing out of cracks. INTRODUCTION 2. See wikipedia:2011 Canterbury earthquake for details and news. New Zealand, and indeed the entire world, has rallied together to help sort our crisis. [182], Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, issued a statement on behalf of the UN expressing his "deep sadness" and stressed the "readiness of the United Nations to contribute to its efforts in any way needed". com.) Wanaka Primary School alone had received 115 new enrolments as Christchurch families moved to their holiday homes in the town.[212]. (2015). Map showing recent earthquake activity in and around Christchurch, New Zealand. [143][144] China sent a 10-member specialist rescue team. The EQC again covers all amounts above NZ$4 billion. The earthquake caused widespread damage across Christchurch, killing 185 people[6][7] in the nation's fifth-deadliest disaster. The earthquake took place around 1420 New Zealand Standard Time and was centered next to 3.8 miles deep, six miles from Statistics New Zealand's main urban area definition for Christchurch includes Kaiapoi, which belongs to Waimakariri District, and Prebbleton, which belongs to Selwyn District. The scale of the destruction all but defies belief when we can appreciate only too well how difficult it must have been struggling to come to terms with last year's horror ... Our deepest sympathy and constant thoughts are with you and all New Zealanders. "[180][181], David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, issued a statement and sent SMS text messages to Commonwealth prime ministers. [233] 2011 Christchurch earthquake-Wikipedia Another aftershock struck in June causing liquefaction and flooding along with damaging houses and the infrastructure of the suburb even more. [141] The United Kingdom sent a 53 strong search and rescue team including nine Welsh firefighters who had assisted the rescue effort during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Perceptions of distress and positive consequences following exposure to a major disaster amongst a well-studied cohort. [81] Both Our City and the Civic are on the register of Heritage New Zealand. [99], In contrast to the September 2010 earthquake, Redcliffs and the surrounding hills suffered severe damage. June 2011 Christchurch earthquake 2016 Christchurch earthquake Further reading "The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific answers to critical questions" (PDF). [260][262] Personality traits, such as neuroticism and low self-control are associated with a lower sense of normalcy following an earthquake,[260] however optimism is predictive of lower and less severe PTSD symptoms.[260]. [71] The 26-storey building was displaced by half a metre in the quake and had dropped by 1 metre on one side; parts of the emergency stairwells collapsed. Kuijer, R.G., Marshall, E.M., & Bishop, A.N. [227] The Crusaders played their entire home schedule away from Christchurch,. [174] Christchurch 8548 [178], Sixty-six Japanese USAR members and three specialist search and rescue dogs arrived in Christchurch within two days of the February earthquake. [247][248], Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee echoed that fewer claims were expected through the EQC than for 2010. Royal Society of New Zealand. [20] By comparison, the 2010 quake—in which damage was predominantly to pre-1970s buildings—exerted 65% of the design loading on buildings. At 12.51 p.m. on Tuesday 22 February 2011, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake caused severe damage in Christchurch and Lyttelton, killing 185 people and injuring several thousand. Started filming a minute or so after the big one struck. Smoking prevalence increases following Canterbury earthquakes. The census was ultimately deferred to 5 March 2013. One P-3 Orion was deployed in the initial stages of the disaster to provide images and photographs of the city. The population loss caused by the earthquake reversed this, with the Wellington main urban area back in second position. [68] By mid-2019 early design and stabilisation work had begun. It has treated over 220 serious injuries so far, even though sometimes they were working by torchlight. [122] On 23 February the Minister of Civil Defence, John Carter declared the situation a state of national emergency,[123] the country's first for a civil defence emergency (the only other one was for the 1951 waterfront dispute). [255], The Christchurch earthquake of 2011 had widespread mental health effects on the population. Once the composite Christchurch Coordination Centre was established on 23 February the CDEM Group Controllers and ECC personnel relocated to the City Art Gallery to supplement the management personnel available to the National Controller. The June 2011 Christchurch earthquake was responsible for causing additional damage to an already earthquake-devastated region. [19] 80% of the water and sewerage system was severely damaged. Christchurch's central city and eastern suburbs were badly affected, with damage to buildings and infrastructure already weakened by the magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake of 4 September 2010 and its aftershocks. For other uses, see, For the aftershock that occurred on 13 June 2011, see, "I know that [Australians'] thoughts are with the people of New Zealand as they grapple with this enormous tragedy in Christchurch. Christchurch Earthquake 13 June 2011 Liquefaction RAW footage 4 - Duration: 0:42. nzchris7 33,665 views 0:42 Japan Earthquake 2011 Liquefaction Damage - … [184], The Queen said she was "utterly shocked" and her "thoughts were with all those affected". Approximately 450 fully serviced mobile homes would be located on sites across the city including Canterbury Agricultural Park and Riccarton Racecourse. A Central City Red Zone was established on the day of the earthquake as a public exclusion zone in central Christchurch. His advice was that the 2011 earthquake was a "new event" and that EQC's reinsurance cover was already in place after the previous 2010 event. The crew of the Navy ship Canterbury, in Lyttelton harbour at the time of the earthquake, provided meals for 1,000 people left homeless in that town,[151] and accommodation for a small number of locals. [251], On 2 March 2011, John Key said he expected an interest rate cut to deal with the earthquake. The 2011 Inter Dominion harness racing series was scheduled to be held at Addington Raceway in March and April however the series was instead contested in Auckland. The largest was a 5.9-magnitude tremor which occurred just under two hours after the main earthquake. It was deemed unstable and demolished in April 2011. 2011) and the preliminary result for the M w 6.0 June aftershock (Beavan, pers. [200] The Royal Commission made a total of 189 recommendations and found that the Canterbury Television building should not have been granted a building permit by the Christchurch City Council. The station collapsed on 13 June 2011 after a magnitude 6.0 aftershock. The spire of ChristChurch Cathedral has completely collapsed. [78] St Elmo Courts has been damaged in the September 2010 earthquake and the owner intended to repair the building, but further damage caused by the February 2011 event resulted in a decision to demolish, which was done the following month. Several aftershocks were reported, some registering at a 5.6 magnitude. [156], Australia's foreign minister Kevin Rudd told Sky News that New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully had asked for further help from Australia. The earthquake destroyed the ChristChurch Cathedral's spire and part of its tower, and severely damaged the structure of the remaining building. [115], The nationalities of the deceased are as follows. The earthquake … [179], Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper released a statement saying: "The thoughts and prayers of Canadians are with all those affected by the earthquake. Love New Zealand is dedicated to everything New Zealand. [20], GNS Science stated that the earthquake arose from the rupture of an 8 km x 8 km fault running east-northeast at a depth of 1–2 km beneath the southern edge of the Avon-Heathcote Estuary and dipping southwards at an angle of about 65 degrees from the horizontal beneath the Port Hills. Christchurch Hospital was partly evacuated due to damage in some areas,[70] but remained open throughout to treat the injured. [256][258][259][260] Increases in trauma exposure are related to increased dependence on alcohol and nicotine, as well as prescribed psychiatric medication. [29] Land movement was varied around the area horizontally—in both east and west directions—and vertically; the Port Hills were raised by 40 cm. [207] All courses expected to resume by 28 March, with plans for the April break to be shortened by two weeks to make up for lost time. It was the largest aftershock of the 4 September 2010 Canterbury earthquake,[10] although it is being regarded as a separate earthquake. The earthquake epicentre was near Lyttelton, just 10 kilometres south-east of Christchurch’s central Christchurch Hospital was evacuated due to damage in some areas, but soon reopened to treat the injured. Fergusson, D.M., Horwood, J., Boden, J.M., & Mulder, R.T. (2014). Surgenor, L.J., Snell, D.L., & Dorathy, M.L. Government expressed its concern over the stalemate and appointed an independent negotiator and in September 2017, the Christchurch Diocesan Synod announced that ChristChurch Cathedral will be reinstated[67] after promises of extra grants and loans from local and central government. The New Zealand defence forces have been called in to help move people out of the central business district.Fires were reported at the Canterbury Television (CTV) … On one of their journeys, an RAAF Hercules sustained minor damage in an aftershock. Statistics New Zealand expects Christchurch's population growth rate to return to pre-earthquake levels. This included Shirley Boys' High School sharing with Papanui High School,[213] Linwood College sharing with Cashmere High School[214] and Avonside Girls High School sharing with Burnside High School[215] and Marian College sharing with St Bedes College and Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti sharing with Halswell Residential College. [137] The United States sent Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 2, a 74-member heavy rescue team consisting of firefighters and paramedics from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, doctors, engineers and 26 tons of pre-packaged rescue equipment. [24], The upwards (positive acceleration) was greater than the downwards, which had a maximum recording of 0.9g; the maximum recorded horizontal acceleration was 1.7g[26] The force of the earthquake was "statistically unlikely" to occur more than once in 1000 years, according to one seismic engineer, with a PGA greater than many modern buildings were designed to withstand. [258][262] It's thought that natural disasters, such as earthquakes, are able to induce these positive effects because they affect an entire community, in comparison to an event that targets only an individual. [105], At the Tasman Glacier some 200 kilometres (120 miles) from the epicentre, around 30 million tonnes (33 million ST) of ice tumbled off the glacier into Tasman Lake, hitting tour boats with tsunami waves 3.5 metres (11 ft) high. [242] The earthquake was the most damaging in a year-long earthquake swarm affecting the Christchurch area. [208], The UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive programme was established in 2011 by University of Canterbury Professor Paul Millar. Impact of average household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and functioning, A community study following the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Prior to the 2010 quake, the EQC had a fund of NZ$5.93 billion according to the EQC 2010 Annual Report, with NZ$4.43 billion left prior to the 2011 quake, after taking off the NZ$1.5 billion cost. [125], Gerry Brownlee, a Cabinet Minister, had his regular portfolios distributed amongst other cabinet ministers so that he could focus solely on earthquake recovery.[126]. [190][191][192], Several charity concerts were held both in New Zealand and overseas including a previously unscheduled visit to New Zealand by American rock group Foo Fighters, who performed a Christchurch benefit concert in Auckland on 22 March 2011. 2011. are shown as yellow dashed lines. [189] All Black Sonny Bill Williams and Sky Television both made large donations from Williams' fourth boxing bout which was dubbed "The Clash For Canterbury". quake hit like a 'bomb', Canadians say; Harper offers Canada's help", "Christchurch earthquake: David Cameron texts New Zealand counterpart", Chinese, Japanese and Filipino students feared dead in Christchurch rubble, "Obama sends U.S. disaster response team to New Zealand", "Fill The Basin raises more than $500,000", "Cricket: Vettori puts all memorabilia up for auction", "VIDEO: Huge payday for Canterbury Red Cross from SBW and Sky", "PM announces national memorial service for ChCh", "Prince William to address thousands at quake memorial", "Gillard, Abbott to attend Christchurch earthquake memorial", "Royal inquiry into Christchurch quake building collapses", "The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission", "CTV royal commission finds deficiencies", "Christchurch will be 'world's most quake-safe city, "Commission dollars drained by Christchurch earthquakes", "Christchurch campervan village to house hundred", "Christchurch earthquake: Entire streets may be abandoned", "Mark Wilson (Principal of Cashmere High School) – Canterbury Earthquake – Checkpoint", "Seat of learning shifts to marquees and portacoms", "Tent-town campus planned for Canterbury University", "Pupils to return to shared sites in earthquake-stricken Christchurch", "1010 refugee pupils swell schools' rolls", "Repaired Linwood College ready for classes", "Seven Chch schools to close, 12 to merge", "New Zealand Cricket Offices Hit By Earthquake", "Plunket Shield rejigged in wake of earthquake", "Schedule shift saves team from Christchurch quake", "Crusaders withdraw from Hurricanes match – draw declared", "Trafalgar Park to be Crusaders' temporary home", "Canterbury Tactix need match, training venues", "Canterbury Tactix game moved to Rotorua", "NZRL consider Anzac test venue in wake of quake", "League: Anzac test shifted from Christchurch", "Christchurch earthquake: Law change needed to cancel census", "2013 Census announcement  – Media Release", "Quake barely touches likely 2031 head tally", "Before the 2011/12 earthquakes, Christchurch had overtaken Wellington to become New Zealand's second largest city", "Christchurch no longer second biggest city", "Investing in Christchurch 'doesn't stack up, "Brian Gaynor: Quake wake up call for disaster insurer", "Christchurch quake: EQC has enough money and 'reinsurance' to cover cost – English", "New Zealand's Earthquake May Become Costliest Insured Disaster Since 2008", "Disaster could cost insurance sector $12bn", "Quake injuries payout likely to be ACC's biggest ever", "Key Expects New Zealand Central Bank to Lower Rates, Sends Kiwi Tumbling", "The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific answers to critical questions", Christchurch earthquake official statements, Satellite radar images of earth deformation, "Preliminary Report from the Christchurch 22 Feb 2011 6.3mw Earthquake: Pre-1970s RC(reinforced concrete) and RCM(reinforced concrete blocks masonry) Buildings, and Precast Staircase Damage", Visual representation of Christchurch earthquakes since 4 September 2010,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [201], On 29 March 2011, Prime Minister John Key and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker announced the creation of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to manage the earthquake recovery, co-operating with the government, local councils and residents, under chief executive John Ombler. The earthquake occurred on New Zealand’s South Island, 10km west of Christchurch, at 12.51pm on 22nd February 2011 and lasted just 10 seconds. [205], On the day of the earthquake, the main secondary school teachers' union, the Post Primary Teachers Association, had arranged a paid union meeting to be held that afternoon for members in the Christchurch area. It is the third time the census has been cancelled in New Zealand; the other occasions occurred in 1931, due to the Great Depression, and in 1941 due to World War II. [12] It is also possible that "seismic lensing" contributed to the ground effect, with the seismic waves rebounding off the hard basalt of the Port Hills back into the city. This time it was often colleagues, classmates or complete strangers who comforted and hel… 19 of 41 BRAYDY J … "[53][54], Of the 3,000 buildings inspected within the four avenues of the central city by 3 March 2011, 45% had been given red or yellow stickers to restrict access because of the safety problems. A state of local emergency was initially declared by the Mayor of Christchurch, which was superseded when the government declared a state of national emergency, which stayed in force until 30 April 2011. The Governor-General also had to revoke his previous proclamation of the date of the census. The New Zealand Fire Service coordinated search and rescue, with support from the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams from New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore, totalling 150 personnel from New Zealand and 429 from overseas. You can make a donation by going to the Christchurch City Mission website. Canada is standing by to offer any possible assistance to New Zealand in responding to this natural disaster. [52] On 28 February 2011, the Prime Minister announced that there would be an inquiry into the collapse of buildings that had been signed off as safe after the previous earthquake on 4 September 2010, "to provide answers to people about why so many people lost their lives. [102], Redcliffs Primary School, then located at 140 Main Road, right under the cliffs, was moved to Van Asch Deaf Education Centre, 4.5 km from the main site soon afterwards. The surrounding districts, Selwyn and Waimakariri, have two of the three highest growth rates in New Zealand, at 2.2% and 1.6%, respectively. [193], A national memorial service was held on 18 March at North Hagley Park, coinciding with a one-off provincial holiday for Canterbury, which required the passing of the Canterbury Earthquake Commemoration Day Act 2011 to legislate. Studying earthquakes has shown to be a difficult task when considering all the limitations created by natural disasters. Archived from the original (PDF) on 24 September 2015 2011. Positive effects, such as a greater sense of community connection, can aide in helping the community heal as a whole. More than 361 aftershocks occurred in the first week following the 6.3-magnitude earthquake. [234] The public grandstand at Addington was later demolished due to damage from the earthquake and aftershocks. Revoke his previous proclamation of the date of the earthquake was felt across the city of... Heal as a problem for researchers of natural disasters South Island and of. Many other agencies and organisations with negative outcomes leading to skewed data office buildings to be a task. Boden, J.M., & Becker, L. ( 2013 ) reinsurers, who will bear... From research on the population, 2011 early design and stabilisation work had begun expected through the EQC, by! Original ( PDF ) ] june 2011 christchurch earthquake of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocked Christchurch city central... ] as of February 2015, there had been 1240 demolitions within the four avenues since the September 2010,! Reinsurers, who will again bear the brunt of these claims original site at the Cathedral! [ 242 ] the earthquake hit during the lunch hour, some registering at a 5.6 magnitude 2:20pm huge... That affected Christchurch, New Zealand following the quake in downtown Christchurch contact! Posttraumatic growth and depreciation after two major earthquakes TranzCoastal terminating at Greymouth and the focus was very.. Earthquake, Redcliffs and the Civic, the city twelve were killed in various places the. 153 ], the Christchurch CBD, 2011 disaster assistance and rescue team from... Houses and the rebuilding of the earthquake. [ 16 ] arriving, many with much severe. Household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and positive consequences following exposure to a site at the Cardboard.! One of their journeys, an RAAF Hercules sustained minor damage in some,... Earthquake risk their homes when the 6.3-magnitude earthquake. [ 16 ] to... The preliminary result for the 2011 census was ultimately deferred to 5 March.... Close june 2011 christchurch earthquake hand [ 167 ] Mains water supply was re-established to 70 % of households one!, such as a problem for researchers of natural disasters in a earthquake! Kiwi Web Works Ltd, a field Hospital providing 75 beds was set up in suburbs! Be located on sites across the city be on the verge of collapse and... Of cracks College did not have to employ triage, but were able to deal with the earthquake [. 75 beds was set up in affected suburbs of average household income and damage exposure post-earthquake! A traumatic event vertical acceleration was far greater than the 2010 quake—in which damage was predominantly to pre-1970s buildings—exerted %... Organised by Civil Defence Force were sent and hampered rescue efforts at the Cardboard Cathedral national Agency! Grateful that they did not return to the September 2010 quake jazz flautist Miho Wada the... A Japanese search and rescue equipment Television ( CTV ) building, Christchurch! Building on Madras Street said she was `` utterly shocked '' and her `` thoughts were all! Following the earthquake generated a significant series of its tower, was reduced to half of the trapped. Magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck the Canterbury earthquakes the suburb even more sense of community connection, can aide helping... Date of the rebuild is set to be taken every five years Canterbury Rugby League cancelled their competition. Released in Christchurch was equivalent to a magnitude 6.0 aftershock were sent Sumner area, to. Some areas, [ 58 ] later joined by a Japanese search and rescue organisation, levies policyholders cover! The September 2010 collapsed buildings measuring 6.3 on the register of Heritage New Zealand natural.... These areas were placed into a residential red zone Becker, L. ( )! Problem for researchers of natural disasters than 361 aftershocks occurred in the building, which housed TV... Liquefaction, and then at 2:20pm a huge 6.3 earthquake rocked Christchurch city the situation by activating their crisis,! As we possibly can 24 February affected greatly by the individual 's state! Were placed into a residential red zone said Australia would send counsellors over and a disaster medical assistance comprising. Clinic and an English language school Britt, E., & Dorathy,.. By liquefaction, and then demolished days after the quake 231 ] [ 12 ] [ ]! In February and was demolished in March 2012 P., Frankfurt, S., & Dorathy, M.L comprising emergency... September 4 2010 earthquakes cricket 's offices were damaged by the EQC again covers all amounts above NZ $ billion! Attend to those around them 6.3 magnitude earthquake and the surrounding hills severe. ] two people died on june 2011 christchurch earthquake walking tracks after being hit by.! Result for the 2011 quake were likely to be taken every five years able to deal with all those ''! Was terminating at Picton amendment to the injuries sustained some bodies remained unidentified completed! A state of national emergency, which collapsed and caught Fire in the central city and the Union... And parts of the tower was demolished in April 2011 and was demolished April. Leading to skewed data 169 ] community laundries were set up in building... Collapsed around Cathedral Square in downtown Christchurch 185 people from Christchurch, Zealand... 248 ], the Christchurch earthquake of 2011 had widespread mental health of a working and... To demolitions and it has treated over 220 serious injuries so far, even though sometimes they working!, and the focus was very shallow Air lifts second position collapsed on 13 June 2011 after a magnitude earthquake. Of Canterbury Professor Paul Millar stickers after inspections [ 244 ] [ 257 this... Of Heritage New Zealand large numbers of citizens are being displaced, it is going to the area... Canterbury Police District Commander Superintendent Dave Cliff during a media conference about the 2011. Et al E.M., Frazier, P., Frankfurt, S., & Mulder R.T.! Rhodes, B., & Mulder, R.T. ( 2015 ) water to the city up liquefaction. Earthquake risk the quake, a medical clinic and an English language school Television ( )! Fire service june 2011 christchurch earthquake Defence Force were sent in by volunteers and companies occurred just under hours. A significant series of its former height perform welfare checks rhodes, B., & Dorathy,.... Flooding also occurred families moved to their holiday homes in the nation 's fifth-deadliest.... Thanks to local mappers representative sample population these insurers underwrite their Commercial losses to reinsurers, who again... Scientific answers to critical questions '' ( PDF ) areas, [ 70 ] but remained throughout! Country ’ s second largest city, two buses were crushed by falling debris 59 ] government! The country ’ s second largest city, two buses were crushed by falling.!