Class sizes are being cut from what I hear my class had 16 students when we graduated. AWFs have been getting a lot of jobs civilian side with maintaining trainers for the navy out of Jacksonville and I'm sure there's some standard maintenance stuff they can get involved in but idk about what particular jobs you can get with Boeing as a AWF. AWF COMMUNITY AWR COMMUNITY AWO COMMUNITY AWV COMMUNITY AWS COMMUNITY AWF (FTS) COMMUNITY AWF Career Path AWF (FTS) Career Path AWR Career Path AWO Career Path AWV Career Path AWS Career Path General Description. Navy jobs utilize various kinds of tools like equipment, motors and machinery. As long as you manage to maintain a shuffle that looks remotely like jogging, even if it's actually slower than a walk, you'll pass. 3. Boards suck. It's for that reason that AIRC and AIRR contracts are 6 year terms, not 4. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) 3. The other AWs on this sub can likely attest to this too. IFT production will be discontinued by the end of FY17, so it is damn near impossible anyone who has yet to sign a contract will get AWV. It's not that hard honestly. For AWOs, about half is classroom learning, a quarter in simulators, and a quarter in the actual aircraft. Also don't loose contact, not sure what it is; I've read about it in a book once and it sounds pretty bad. Working on your degree is by far easier in a VP squadron than on a boat. It's all secret, so you don't even have to worry about homework or studying at home! Department of the Navy Directives Issuance System. #3 sounds exactly like my current rate, so I'm definitely used to all that. If you're an AWO, it's after this school you'll get your orders for P-3 AAW, P-3 NAAW, P-8 AAW, or P-8 EWO. I absolutely LOVE flying. They work with some very important people. I have been planning to get out of the Navy since my re-enlistment, but I'm not so sure I'm willing to give up my retirement. Can you comment on the being fired upon or PM me? Can't really speak on them only that is sounds dope. Twin brother is an AWV. Almost all of this information is coming from the Navy COOL website Half of our deployments consist of staying in a sand-filled shithole of an non-airconditioned tent with 49 other mother fuckers who don't feel the need to shower because "I'll just be gross within an hour anyways, why bother?". If getting your degree is a priority and you want out after 6, AIRC is an awful decision. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The largest class now is 9 students. Though none of our material is classified. Dry aircrew only: You won't ever ever be on a boat. Yes, you have to do a 1-mil swim in flight gear (flight suit, boots, helmet) and a 10-mile run (in PT gear). Comments(6) 35680 Views In the Navy, they call their enlisted jobs ratings. NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-### This is an official U.S. Navy Website Need Career, Pay or Personnel help? We're behind the double doors with the AWOs, Rs, and Ss everyday. Don't stop, don't walk, and find the finish line, and you pass. Patreon: Social Media Instagram: NickyMGTV Snapchat: Emseagray FE production will halt in October (I think? 3. You will sit in a room with people of all different walks of life and they will become your family. After all, we fly the same airframe as a commercial air liner. AWS: Idfk. AWO A-1 School NAS Pensacola, FL C-210-2010 RECOMMENDED SKILL TRAINING Course Title Course Location CIN/CSE ID Course Length Date Completed NMT NAS Pensacola, FL A-500-1000 PFM NAS Pensacola, FL A-950-0080 NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION CODE (NEC) OPPORTUNITIES Course Title Course Location CIN/CSE ID Course Length Date After it is signed its important to not answer that phone call from the duty office, it tends to be some schedule error where you are now taking that 0500 flight in the morning. Navy Recruiter Canvasser Recruits individuals into the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve. Notes: AWO - Naval Aircrewmen - Operator Page 3 of 152 Pushing you physically is just the best way to test that mental toughness. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the newtothenavy community. First off, I'm not an AWO - I'm an AT, so my perspective is that of a maintainer, but I have obviously worked very closely with the aircrew in my squadron and believe that I at least have some insight into what life would be like as an AWO for p3s/p8s. You will live by the flight schedule and never truly know what you are doing the next day until the flight schedule is signed. Even though you could do 40 more push-ups, you might fail where the other dude passes. Sea duty may be Squadron (aircraft), CONUS/OCONUSbased (OCONUS: FDNF Squadrons / assignments are the most demanding and dynamic environment, and should be given strong consideration for successful tours), or I needed to be in your squadron I guess. Not only because we have the longest and arguably toughest schools (FEs probably have tougher schools), but also because the actual job onstation is tough as shit. NACCS is only 4 weeks long but you'll spend extra time on hold there. Getting shot at. This is actually the hardest part of the training and by far the most common place for people to fail out. To become an aircrewman, you'll need to sign an AIRC or AIRR contract. Trust me. We operate on P-3s and P-8s. Just don't ever stop running. Damn this ended up being way longer than I anticipated. AWR: These guys are primarily rescue swimmers and their secondary job is to be ASW operators to hunt submarines. C-130 FEs will be around a while, but for the time being all P-3 FEs that want that job have priority so it's gonna be tough or impossible to get. Very little control on what path you go; needs of the navy. Department of the Navy, Navy Records Management Program. Electronic Warfare Operators (EWO) or Acoustic Operators. LaDR stands for Learning and Development Roadmap. Press J to jump to the feed. AT A School: (AWV) Google AT A school. I think I have some idea from talking to my AW buddies, but what is the frequency/length/locations of your deployments? The only rating in the navy that can guarantee you VP is AWO. AWV: AWVs are either in-flight electricians (IFT) on P-3s or EWOP operators on various platforms. Load masters are usually FTS (full time support, a reservist who works full time) or normal reservists who were prior active duty AWO/AWF/AWV. AWO - Electronic Systems Specialist Electronic Systems Specialists are members of a fixed wing integrated tactical crew aboard maritime patrol aircraft. Many of my peers are pursuing their degrees and most people who work at it consistently finish at about 6-7 years into their service. Monday you'll have a 0500-1900 workday for a mission, Tuesday you'll bounce (touch and gos, like a pilot training flight) in the evening because you can't do a morning event because you landed late the day before. They're not easy to get into, though. I didn't join the military to sit back and watch. EWOP is a super-specialized ESM-only operator. This school is 100% physical. If you cannot hack it, we'll drop you from the rate. Curious to get your opinion on how to be successful at NACCS. Very easy on family's because when you deploy you will always come home to a hotel or a base "that's land for you boat people". I'm about to finish the P-8a EWO pipeline in August. If another guy can only do 55 push-ups but I force him to do 75, and he keeps giving his all even after its impossible for him to do another, he makes it. After you graduate you'll get your AWF/AWV/AWO orders if you're on an AIRC contract. This leads to all the Skype calls or whatever the kids use these days to your hearts content. You need to be decently smart and in EXTREMELY good shape to be a swimmer. I've always been interested in the AW community and from talking to few AW buddies (mostly AWF and AWS) it seems like AWO on P-3's would be my best gig at this point, and the rate I could most easily translate to already coming from a radar environment my whole career. The FLEET: Finally, you get to your fleet squadron in either Jacksonville, FL, or Whidbey Island, WA. We fly on one of P-3s, P-8s, C-40s, C-130s, E-6s, H-60s, or H-53s. My master chief retired after 30 years in the Navy ad never once set foot on a ship. EWOs operate radar, long-range cameras, ESM, and MAD. The only rating in the navy that can guarantee you VP is AWO. The swim is similar. AWFs can also be Load masters or flight attendants on logistical aircraft, which is anything that starts with a C; C-40, C-130, etc. Upon the completion of that upgrading process you'll do several boards to earn your wings. I've done two P3 deployments, and AWOs seem to have the best gig in terms of the aircrew ratings. This is not to say that they didn't work hard, because they obviously do, but it's just something I've noticed in the several years I've spent with them. A school length depends on your rate. For duty stations there's a new opportunity being screened for the E6-B TACAMO FE spot. I think it's like 20 weeks long. You cannot receive the AW rating without being a volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew.The AW rating is divided into three categories: Aviation Warfare Systems Operator - Acoustic (AWA), Aviation Warfare Systems Operator - Non-Acoustic (AWN), and Aviation Warfare Systems Operator - Helicopter (AWR/AWS). Read each description and see what you may be interested in doing. Upon completion of initial training pipelines, Naval Aircrewman (Avionics) are typically closed-loop detailed by NEC/platform until there is no longer a need for that NEC or needs of the Navy support a You'll spend 12-18 months upgrading from level 100 to level 300, which is a fully qualified operator. We basically get AW2 for free but have averaged less than 0.5% advancement to AW1 over the last four cycles. Deployments are awesome. We actually have our own pipeline at the school house now. OPNAVINST 5100.19. Free time? But you're still a student, aka "upgrader" because you're trying to upgrade your qualification level. I a AWO, EWO is the non-acoustic side of AWO on the P-8's. Your chiefs will be like most chiefs, flaky at best and when one gets into your shit, you will have wished otherwise. Pay the fuck attention though, if you get to FRS and don't know A-school information, you instructors will not be happy. I am in DEP and am trying to change rates to AIRC... haven't heard anything yet and starting to question if I'll get it. The people who get dropped are the ones who study but don't know a method that works for them or wait until the night/morning before a test to study. That scares some people, but is very important to others. You'll likely be an E5 within three years of enlisting. If you're an AWS, you go to this school. Awesome write up. Dry crewmen are pretty much done with being tested physically after the graduation of NACCS (which we will cover later), but literally never stop learning. If you were to switch over to AWO, P-8s are the way because all the P-3 squadrons are leaving Jacksonville to soon transition to P-8's. I have like 23 credits and I've never even enrolled in college. IFTs are electricians that keep the avionics equipment working properly while in flight, and they're only on P-3s. Ridiculously hard FRS but nearly instant return on investment, the lowest enlisted rank on this platform is usually an e-5. I have no clue what they learn. AWFs are most valuable when they can perform nearly any reasonable maintenance on the plane especially when away from home. AWS, AWO, AWF, AWV which fall under the general rating AW. They are WAY easier than they sound, though. I'd recommend trying to get AWO over AWF because they are a dying rate. This is IMO the most mentally challenging job of the AIRC ratings. What is the day-to-day schedule like as an AWO at a command? Half of our deployments consist of staying in 4-5 star hotels. Retired Reserve Reservists are required by the Navy to perform drills a minimum of one weekend per month, as well as two weeks of more intense active duty training. Maybe even AWV if they still exist. AWOs, on the other hand, mostly just operate the various avionics systems. Aviation Warfare Systems Operators are Navy enlisted aircrew members. I ship in 4 days on an AIRC contract. I have all the admin side of things worked out pretty well, it's always a longshot as a first class but I think my chances are decent. 0$1$*($1$9<&$5((5:,7+1$9