Visually inspect the blower motor resistor block and connector for burn damage and severe corrosion. Jeep  |   For circuit descriptions and diagrams, refer to Air Conditioning/Heater in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams. A Blower Motor seized due to corrosion can be freed up but if the cause of the moisture is not addressed the issue will reoccur. In newer applicati Start car and see if blower motor works. This will make disconnecting the connector from the blower motor resistor block very difficult. What can cause a blower motor to stop working? In some cars, a failed blower motor resistor can cause a heater fan to stop working completely. Locate the fuse for the blower motor in the owners/service manual. Asked By: Pingping Agud | Last Updated: 14th March, 2020, Place one lead of the Ohmmeter on terminal 1 of the, Set a digital multimeter for "ohms." Does anyone know how to test a blower motor resistor? Depending on the exact location of the blower motor (on your specific 3.8 liter equipped GM vehicle) you can test it on the car or you may have to remove it for ease of access. Test the fuse, with the ignition key on, using the 12-volt test light. It will be located between the heater and air conditioning control knobs and the blower motor itself. Fan only blows at certain speeds. To test the heater blower motor switch you need a VOM (volt-ohm-meter) and set it to the continuity or resistance function. When an electric motor fails to start, runs intermittently, runs hot, or continually trips its overcurrent device, there my be a variety of causes. How do you know if a resistor is bad? The blower motor resistor can usually be found under the dash as well. Ignition System Wiring Diagram (2002 4.7L Dodge Dakota And Durango), Ignition System Wiring Diagram (2000-2001 4.7L Dodge Dakota), How Often Should I Replace The Spark Plugs? If you find any type of burn damage on the resistor block and connector, you can conclude they're bad and need to be replaced (and skip the continuity tests). This is the correct and expected test result. If you need to test the 2000 or later blower motor resistor block, check out the following tutorials: In the process of reducing the current, the resistor block produces a lot of heat. 100% Brand New Aftermarket Blower Motor Resistor with Premium Quality. To find out the amperage draw, we'll test the blower motor's resistance. Since the blower motor and resistor are working almost constantly, it can wear out over time. Use an ohmmeter to check resistance value. Another symptom of a bad or failing heater blower motor is a motor that only functions at certain speeds. You can test the resistor with an Ohm meter (don't know what spex are). In newer applicati To test a resistor or motor, you’ll need to know the basics of electrical circuitry and have access to a multimeter and the proper electrical specifications for the involved circuits. Unplug the blower motor and test for power using the 12-volt test light in the same manner as explained in Step 1. How do I reset my Whirlpool Duet steam dryer? Chrysler  |   Nissan  |   Another common problem is finding the resistor block coils corroded or burned out when removing the resistor block for testing. Fixing Dodge Blower Motor Problems. Typical speeds are 30 to 100 RPM. Earth Continuity and Resistance Test With a multimeter, measure the resistance between motor frame (body) and earth. Test for ground at the blower motor if there is power indicated at all ranges, but the motor does not function. The most common symptom of a failed blower motor resistor is when the heater fan only runs at the highest speed setting (4 or 5) and doesn't work at low speeds. How To Test The Blower Motor Resistor (2001-2004 Dakota, Durango), TEST 1: Resistance Testing The Blower Motor Resistor, Blower Resistor Continuity Specification Tables, Cómo Probar La Resistencia Del Motor Soplador (2001-2004 Dakota, Durango), How To Test The Blower Motor (2001-2003 Dodge Dakota And Durango). Touch the red lead from the meter to one side, and the black lead to the other. More than likely, it will be attached to the ducting near the blower motor so that it is kept cool while it is in use. How to test and replace your blower motor resistor - YouTube What's the best leaf blower on the market? If everything looks good or you have now replaced the harness bolt in the new resistor then carefully pull the plenum back into place. Weak airflow from the vents. It felt a little stiff too me. Testing the blower motor of your home HVAC system If debris is not the problem, use your multimeter to check for voltage in the contacts motor. How to Troubleshoot a Blower Motor Resistor. En Español  |   Will a blower motor work without the resistor? On the switch side there will be 2 exposed prongs and 1 enclosed. My truck is an '82 F-100 and the resistor has a three connectors then one single connector. You should discharge the capacitor before handling it. This method requires you to back drive your test motor at a slow speed. Locate the fuse for the blower motor in the owners/service manual. How do you test a resistor using a multimeter? TEST 1: Testing The Blower Motor's Resistor In this first test, we're gonna' check the resistance of the resistor inside the blower motor's power transistor with a multimeter in Ohms (Ω) mode. Your vehicle's blower motor resistor controls the speed of your blower motor. The change in resistance then limits the current through the motor, which dictates the speed at which the blower fan works. Effective and precise control of blower speed. Blower resistors, being a mechanical component, are prone to wear and are the most common point of failure in a car’s heating system. Continuity should be present between all terminals. It is responsible for controlling the blower motor’s fan speed.